Our Core Ministry Values

We affirm much of our past core ministry values yet we seek to intentionally elevate and pursue some biblical values that have been lacking in our ministry.  Additionally, we recognize that there are many things that could be core values but realistically every church tends to focus on several core values rather than many.  In one instance in the following list of values, we have chosen to use the phrase “intimacy with God” because we believe it captures what our collective heart has been saying about worship, prayer, and our “being” as opposed to “doing.”  We submit what follows as our guiding core ministry values.

God’s Word

The Bible is our authority for matters of faith and life and must remain central to our ministry focus.

Intimacy with God

Through personal and corporate worship, prayer, confession, intercession, solitude with the Lord, we see an opportunity to grow in our understanding of what it means to “know Jesus” and “be” His disciple.


In order to “make Jesus known” we see a significant opportunity to elevate the value of evangelism and pursue personal and corporate growth in this area.


We have valued people in the past and we must continue to make people our priority as opposed to programs.  Yet within this value, we see a specific focus on the next generation.  The reality of our immediate community on the Sumas Prairie and the fruit that the Lord has granted us from the very beginning of our history reminds us that we must invest in children, youth, and their parents.  This is the “one thing” that we must pursue well as opposed to dabbling in many other things.

Compassionate Service

We have been a people who love to serve others and this has manifested itself in countless ways through our history.  Moving forward, we want to ensure that our service springs from a heart of compassion for people whom Jesus loves.  May the love of Jesus within us spill over to those we serve in His name.


As mandated from Jesus in Matthew 28:18-20, we seek to be disciples who also make disciples and to do so with a much greater intentionality than in the past.

Risk-taking Obedience

Collectively, we humbly acknowledge that we have been a people of safety and security.  We have often been reticent to take kingdom risks.  We desire to be people who are willing to take big steps of faith and obedience as Jesus calls us from security in ourselves to security found in Him.

Statement of Faith

As a Mennonite Brethren church, we hold to the Confession of Faith of the Canadian Conference of MB Churches.

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