ACC on Mission…Making Him Known

Our Missions Ministry Team is made up of Teresa DeBoer (chair), Marlis Toews (secretary) and Ron Rempel.

Jesus told his disciples to “go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19).  We seek to make Jesus known in our communities, our city, and beyond.  We encourage each person who calls ACC home to find out how God is calling them to serve in their own neighbourhoods and work places.  In addition, ACC partners with various ministries to be more effective in spreading the love of Christ at home and abroad.

Reaching Out

Missions is a growing ministry at ACC.   Many people from ACC serve in various ways in our community, helping shine the light of Christ.  Each person who calls themselves a disciple of Jesus is a missionary.   While ACC serves with many local ministries in an official capacity, many of the people who call ACC home serve in our community without fanfare and with humility in order to share the love of Jesus and to make His saving grace known.

Mission Trips

MEXICO MISSION Summer 2018! We will visit the San Quintin Mexico with OLOC. Click HERE to download the info sheet. 


  • In Nov of 2016 nine men from ACC spent a week at the OLOC base to help with construction on the House of Refuge.  This project aims to provide a safe haven for children, particularly girls, who are experiencing abuse or neglect. To find out more about this project, click HERE. Click HERE to see a video recapturing the work that happened during that week.
  • In August 2014 ACC  sent a team to the San Quintin Valley, Baja with One Life, One Chance Ministries.  Our team learned much and had an amazing time serving together. Francisco & Miriam and their girls have a heart breaking story and a strong faith and we were so honoured to be able to provide them with a home.  Please continue pray for them as they seek to live as lights for Jesus in their community.
  • August 2012 ACC sent a team of over 30 individuals to the  San Quintin Valley, Baja to spend a week with One Life, One Chance in supporting local ministry and building two homes.  View a video of the 2012 mission trip.
  • July 2011 three young men went to the One Life base in San Quintin to aid in the ministry there.
  • August 2010 32 individuals from our church family went to San Quintin, Mexico to serve and to build a home for a family in need.


If you are going to be taking part in a short term Missions trip and would like to apply for financial support through from Arnold Church, please fill out the application HERE.


Alan & Colleen Foster

Alan and Colleen (Kalea, Joshua) serve with MB Mission and work with Emberá and Wounaan communities in eastern Panama. These tribes have had limited access to the Gospel due to their remoteness as well as violence related to political factions and drug-trafficking. They also lack basic water and sanitation infrastructure and waterborne disease has escalated. Alan and Colleen provide technical and educational assistance to meet the needs of eight communities in clean water, sanitation, and health workshops. As they engage in meeting physical needs, Alan and Colleen have found many opportunities to minister to people’s spiritual needs.